"Peter and I really believed in WaxVac and the spot produced by PBandJ Partners hit
all the elements needed for success. I look forward to many more hits with Peter."
Gary Sullivan, Senior VP of Merchandising, Lenfest Media
"Working with PBandJ Partners was a great collaborative experience. With WaxVac,
it was the first time there was nothing I wanted to change in a first cut. The job they
did was incredible."
John Santilli, Senior Vice President of Operations, Lenfest Media
"Peter came up with the concept to rebrand the Pets.com Sock Puppet as our own.
The idea was brilliant and it was responsible for catapulting BarNone to another level.
What's even more amazing is that the spots produced by PBandJ Partners worked for
years and continue to perform today."
Jim Crouse, Founder, Bar None
"PBandJ Partners proved themselves by outperforming our current direct response creative. We continued to use them because they produced exciting spots that worked."
Kathleen Torrell, VP of Marketing, McKesson Water Products
A New York City Web Design Company